📍Refund Policy

SidusPad Refund Policy Overview

At SidusPad, protecting user’s investments and ensuring token sale transparency is paramount. To help bring that vision to life, we have implemented a comprehensive refund policy for users on SidusPad.

Transparency within the Web3 domain and for investors’ well-being are a priority for SidusPad, which is reflected in our refund policy. By leveraging innovative smart contract technology, we believe the policy will increase protection for our users and foster their trust, helping both investors and projects on our platform flourish and succeed over time.

Refund Eligibility

Each project raise is subject to a Grace Period, which will commence on the token's market debut and end at the nominated time as stated on the project’s listing page. During the Grace Period, users have the option to either claim their tokens or submit a refund request.

If an eligible user opts for a refund, SidusPad will return up to 100% of their investment, depending on that particular user’s Tier.

The refund period is only available to users during the Grace Period and once a user claims the particular tokens, a user will no longer be eligible for any refund.

FAQ for SidusPad Refund Policy Procedure

What is the Grace Period?

The Grace Period is a set time period that commences when the token is first listed and ends at the conclusion of the set period stipulated on the project’s listing page. During this time, users have the option to either claim their tokens or request a refund.

The length of the Grace Period varies for each project and depends on a number of factors. These factors include the vesting period duration, the project’s funding stage and other bespoke details negotiated on a project-by-project basis.

Am I eligible for a refund if I have claimed my tokens?

No, if you collect or claim your tokens during the Grace Period, you will no longer be eligible for a refund.

What does the decentralized Refund Policy aim to achieve?

The main goal of SidusPad's decentralized Refund Policy is to empower our users, whilst maximizing our security and protection measures. The platform promotes transparency and fosters continuous success for its projects and investors.

Does the refund policy apply to all projects on SidusPad?

No, the refund policy is only applicable to certain projects. Each eligible project will be marked with a special icon that also outlines the Grace Period for each project.

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