💡Participation Guide

SidusPad is a legendary launchpad designed for early access to exclusive Web3 projects. The platform launch will go through several steps:

  1. Launch of Staking pools

  2. Introduction to KYC procedure

  3. Access to Web3 project IDOs and Referral Program

SidusPad Features:

  • Access to exclusive Token Sales & Events

  • SIDUS rewards for Staking

  • An all-in-one platform for managing your investments

  • A multi-level Referral Program

  • Access to decentralized Governance

How to Join

To become a member of the SidusPad community, just complete the following steps:

1. Go to SidusPad using a referral link (or without one) and create an Account.

2. Enter your email, create a strong password, select your country of residence, then accept the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy. Carefully read the Terms & Conditions to ensure that you can participate in the IDOs.

3. Enter the code sent to your email.

4. You will be redirected to your Profile - we recommend starting with Identity Verification. Read the full guide here.

5. Once you’ve completed identity verification, you can explore the launchpad or claim your referral bonus.

6. On the main page, you can learn more about SidusPad and its featured IDOs.

7. If you opt for the referral bonus, go to the Referral Program page via ‘My Profile’.

8. You will need to stake at least 10,000 SIDUS tokens (Amethyst Tier) to get your referral bonus.

9. First, get some SIDUS tokens onto the Linea network:

10. Stake SIDUS tokens in one of our Staking pools. To increase your Tier, deposit the corresponding staking requirement.

11. Select the pool, enter the amount of SIDUS you want to stake, then confirm the transaction - ETH is required to pay the fees.

12. Once the transaction is approved, your SIDUS will be added to the pool and your current Tier will be displayed in your Account.

13. If you used a referral link to create your Account, you can now claim your bonus - visit the Referral Program page and select ‘Referral Bonus’.

14. Scroll right to view your bonus and click on ‘Claim Reward’.

15. You can always find more information about the Referral System here.

Staking Pools


*The SidusPad Team reserves the right to increase the pool's capitalization if required.

**NFT boost feature will be launched soon.

Staking Video Guide

Tier Boost

This unique feature increases your current Tier level and thus future IDO allocations by the exact percentage defined by each new Staking pool. For instance, if you stake 20,000 SIDUS tokens in the Annual Pool, you'll join the Topaz Tier and not the Amethyst Tier. This is because you will receive a 50% “Tier Boost” bonus, making your ‘staking amount’ count as 30,000 SIDUS - which is the minimum staking requirement for the Topaz Tier. Please Note: Tier Boost does not affect your APY.


SidusPad utilizes compound interest to calculate the rewards for Staking.

For instance, the Exclusive pool's base APR is 20%, but the anticipated APY is approximately 22.13%. Users can earn Bounties and increase the base APR through reinvestment.

How it works:

  1. 0.25% of the total accrued pool rewards are available to be claimed as Bounties.

  2. Any user can claim this bonus at any time.

  3. The remaining 99.75% of the rewards are added to the Staking pool.

  4. Subsequent rewards will be based on the new total.

  5. Only the Bounty can be claimed by the user, whereas the Staking reward becomes available only when the term ends.


There are six tiers catering to all needs. To access IDOs, users must unlock at least the Amethyst tier by staking SIDUS tokens. Each subsequent tier provides additional benefits, such as increased IDO allocations and even access to exclusive events.

To join the SidusPad community – Create an account > Connect your MetaMask > Stake SIDUS! Once these three simple steps are complete, you’ll have access to the most anticipated Web3 IDOs!

We’re introducing early staking for true believers, enabling them to secure allocations for upcoming IDOs. Join our social media channels for more details:

The launchpad team is actively negotiating with potential projects. We kindly ask for your patience – so stay tuned for more exciting news!

The SidusPad Team

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