4️Law Enforcement Request Guidelines


Sidus will respond to all law enforcement requests from authorized law enforcement officials with proof of authority. These Law Enforcement Request Guidelines outline how authorized law enforcement officials can engage and contact us to request customer information.

To facilitate processing, we require the requests be addressed to Sidus. In the event that law enforcement is not sure which entity the request needs to be addressed to, please outline all the legal entities identified, along with the proper Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty documents if cross-border law enforcement is involved.


Sidus is pleased to voluntarily cooperate with law enforcement requests from all jurisdictions in accordance with our terms of use, our privacy policy, and applicable law.

Please submit all law enforcement requests via contact@siduspad.io. Kindly ensure that all the information requests comply with our requirements below.


To aid the expedient review of information requests, international law enforcement officers are advised to provide the following in the request documents:

1. The name of the law enforcement authority, with the name of the country or administration.

2. Proof of authority:

a. Photo evidence of your authority as a representative of your law enforcement agency to administer such request (e.g. photo of your police badge or any similar identification);

b. Documentary evidence that you are authorized to request the information and your current position within the law enforcement organization.

3. An email address with a government domain.

4. An official request from the law enforcement authority in English language, such as a subpoena, court order, warrant or equivalent. Kindly note that the request must be duly signed or sealed (digital signature/seal is not accepted).

5. The identifier of the KuCoin user from which you require information. The identifier includes the name, email address, phone number (with country code), User ID, transaction hashes or address, or other information which may help us to locate the specific user.

6. All identifiers shall be provided in copiable text format such as copiable PDF, Word document, Excel file or within the content of the email.

7. Flow of funds.

8. Indication whether such request shall be disclosed to the relevant user.

9. For Freezing Requests:

a. Duration of freeze: Please specify the duration to freeze the relevant account, otherwise we will unfreeze the account within 30 days from the date of the freeze;

b. Notification to user: Please specify if the freezing request can be disclosed to the user, otherwise we will disclose the reason for such freeze to the user.

For avoidance of doubt, above documents and communication emails should be in English.


For urgent requests, please include URGENT REQUEST in the Subject Line during submission.

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